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Goin' explorin'

There's nothing beyond Puny Leo's reach when he's zooming through  space in his trusty rocket ship. 

Puny Leo loves to make new friends and share stories about his amazing adventures!

When Leo grows up, he'd like to make a discovery that could change the world!

A colorful life.

Iris loves to color.  There's no limit to her imagination! Sometimes, she gets shy around new people but not when it comes to her art.

It's where she brings all her favorite things to life with a stroke of her paintbrush!

When Iris grows up, she'd like to ignite change through the creative power of art.

Wee are all one.

Puny Sid may look serious and you'll hardly ever catch him smile but he's got a big heart for friends and animals!

He also loves books and likes to share his ideas about making the world a better place.

When Sid grows up, he'd like to travel and inspire people from all over to be the change they want to see.

Checking in...

Mike is always the center of attention. A born leader, he loves to speak up especially for those who need help.

Sometimes he gets carried away and belts out a song or two, but it's always a party when Mike and his mic are around!

When Mike grows up, he'd like to make a call for change and use a bold voice for those who have none.

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