This Playground Called Life. (Part 2: Birthday Drive)

November 11, 2012
Last Sunday, we noted how Tupperware play trumped hi-tech toys for our baby.  What a learning curve for new parents like us.  And while we're still all about educational apps and gadgets, there's no arguing that life at large still stands as the best teacher. 

In our last post, we shared how everyday moments like illustrating a recipe or sorting socks are rich with honing literacy and math skills.  We also discovered how unusually brilliant kids' activities like building vehicles and playing with your food via Living Green with Baby can spark big, creative minds.

Another fantastic idea?  Hosting a birthday drive.  It's an excellent way to get kids excited about the idea of helping others.  Pick your favorite cause and get your child involved from decorating to crafting an invitation urging guests to show their support with donations (items or cash) instead of birthday presents. 

For Chloe's 4th birthday, we created a video inviting friends and family to support her little cause of helping kids through Cradles to Crayons.  That same video is now helping promote their Birthday Star program and can be watched from their website.

We're also excited to share that Chloe's birthday drive is now part of a Kids Giving Back exhibit at the Boston's Children's Museum.

If possible, take your child with you to drop off collections from your drive.  There is no book nor video in the world that could replicate our four year old's first hand experience of touring the Giving Factory at Cradles to Crayons.  She witnessed her small efforts join mountains of donations set to help thousands of kids just like her.  You can watch her little tour here.

What's sweeter than birthday cake? Becoming a birthday star. This was definitely one unforgettable way to learn that no one's ever too small to make a big difference.

How does your own family turn everyday events into big learning opportunities?  We'd love to hear them and write about them on our next Sunday post.  Just comment below or email us at to share your ideas.

This Playground Called Life.

November 4, 2012

So there we were, new parents excited to introduce all our intensely researched hi-tech toys to our first born.  Designed to spark early learning skills? Check. Possibly create a genius?  Check. Only where was the baby? Over there by the pantry, happily playing with...plastic Tupperware.

1 year old Chloe at Tupperware play

With today's information overload, it's easy to get wrapped up in the newest gadgets that promise to speed up your child's academic prowess. But your home, your neighborhoo...

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Healthy Halloween Ideas. (Without Being the Grim Reaper of kiddie fun).

October 28, 2012
You read that right.
Yes, you can absolutely stay on course with a green and healthy Halloween.
No, I promise you won't be the grim reaper who snatched all the spook-tacular fun from kids.

Just think of Halloween as another opportunity for your child to gain a richer sense of the world. Costumes take role playing and dress-up to a whole new level for growing imaginations.  Halloween parties bring communities and their collective creative ideas to life.  Trick or treating down the streets as ne...
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Check your Sweet Truth + Yoga for Kids

October 21, 2012
Last Spring, CNN reported that after two decades of dismal reports about childhood obesity, numbers are finally "leveling off" in 2012.  Thanks to heightened public awareness about healthier living in our schools and communities, we're seeing signs of improvement.

But we're a long way from tapering off current statistics that place one-third of 2-5 year olds in the U.S. as overweight and obese.  (

Last year, I remember being outraged by a TV commercial produced by the manufacturers of ...
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No to Rabbit Habits. Yes to Mindful Moves.

October 14, 2012
So I came across this in the October issue of Wired magazine:  "Improving your well-being is not about slogging through workouts and eating rabbit food. It's about using your brain to optimize your body."

Not exactly what I expected from my geek-chic go-to guide, right? 
But I am thrilled to see it there, in fact, almost everywhere: an increased awareness about being mindful vs. being ripped.  I got ripped once in my abs and it lasted a glorious week.  For a luxurious island wedding.  And when...
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Need a quick boost? Roll it up.

October 6, 2012

It has been one incredible, busy week.  We capped off September with our very first baby fashion show called Puny Runway: Baby Steps for Big Change  It was a great turn out thanks to families and folks who showed big support for our puny line.  We were thrilled to be welcomed by Eviama's green boutique as well as raising awareness for our featured cause, Free the Children.

I don't mind hectic weeks as long as I can carve time to decompress and and reboot.   And there's the rub: time.  There's ...
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Super Soup: Asparagus & Potato

September 29, 2012

Another Sunday healthy recipe inspired by Living Green with Baby:  Healthy Asparagus Potato Soup.  Visit their site for the full recipe on this nutrient packed dish.

We love soup at any time of year.  But there's something about how comforting it is to enjoy it in crisp fall weather. This simple recipe is a sure starter for any family meal.  We think asparagus ranks as a super veggie.  Not only is it loaded with vitamins and antioxidants (another anti-aging sidekick), it's also considered to h...
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First Zemlovka, first taste of Fall.

September 23, 2012

Here we are on the first weekend of Fall. 

Around this same time two years ago, my toddler and I found ourselves apple picking for the first time. 
That's probably what makes us think of warm baked goods inspired by apples and cinnamon around this time of year.

First apple picking, 2010

And that's exactly what we found at Living Green with Baby where our family picks a new recipe every Sunday in September to share with you. A
fter getting our four year old to pronounce, Zemlovka, we set out...
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Ginger-rific smoothie!

September 16, 2012

Every Sunday this September, we're bringing  a new healthy recipe from Living Green with Baby (LGB) straight to our family table so we can try it and share it with you.

A sunny, breezy day, seemed to call for a frozen fruit smoothie pick---we're not ready to let go of summer just yet! 

Nothing gets our toddler more excited about the thought of standing up on a chair next to her Papa and watching all kinds of fruit swirl away in the blender.  LGB's version introduces something we've never thoug...
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A Healthier Side to Chips: From Potatoes to Plantains

September 9, 2012

Every Sunday, we're taking baby steps to get healthier and sharing our favorite tips by Living Green with Baby (LGB) . Hope to see your thoughts here too!

In September, we're picking quick, easy recipes and showing you how taking even just one day a week to introduce something new and nutritious to the family table can build a lifetime of healthy eating habits for our kids.

A healthier side to chips? Plantain's the new potato
This Sunday, we chose Golden Baked Plantain Chips, a healthier alterna...

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