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$1 from any Punypixel™ purchase helps  Little Kids Rock restore music education in underserved schools.


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Put music back
where it belongs: in our schools.

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"The music in me just makes me feel like...I have magic...."

No voice is too small
to rock big change!

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wants you to find your voice. Discover how Little Kids Rock empowers our youth to excel through music!

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We proudly support Little Kids Rock
"Every child deserves a music education."

We can't think of a better way to rock out the new year than introduce an awesome cause empowering kids through music.

Give it up for
Little Kids Rock!
This incredible organization was started in 2002 by an elementary school teacher who sought to address the lack of music education funding in underserved areas.  Today, Little Kids Rock has grown to become one of the leading free instrumental music programs in public schools across the United States.

52% of children who play an instrument are more likely to go to college.
American Music Conference

How's that for sensational
When a kid rocks out on his guitar, he's not just having the t
ime of his life; he's also building self confidence and creativity for life--skills instrumental to his success in school and beyond.  Little Kids Rock teaches children to play the music they love, and gets them playing on day one!

Over 200,000 children granted the gift of music.
Little Kids Rock is committed to restoring and revitalizing music education by providing free musical instruments and instruction to schools left behind by budget cuts.

They currently serve children in more than 800 schools nationwide.
Over 38,000 rock and roll instruments have been donated to public schools in the U.S.. Learn more  about their methodology here.

Help kids rock on. Nothing is too small to make a big difference.

  • $1 buys a new set of guitar strings!
  • $20 gives a child an entire year of music lessons!

Rockstar & celeb helpers

We're seeing stars!  From big name musicians to humanitarian celebrities, check out these artists rocking out to help empower kids all over.
See the entire star studded list here.