BIG CHANGE starts puny.

Once upon a time, there was a puny pixel with a big idea:
it wanted to help children all over the world.

Puny steps, big deal. One day, the puny pixel took its first step. It was a very small step but it was a mighty big deal!

From one little pixel grew bigger, super cooler puny pixels named  Leo, Iris, Mike and Sid. Meet them all!

shop for big change.
For every purchase, we give $1 to an organization committed to empowering children. And why stop at just one? We feature several causes each carefully selected for its top-notch commitment to kids (ex. education, power of play, healthy living, or art and literacy initiatives). It's how we can all spread our puny footprint in a big way.  Learn more >

We proudly support Little Kids Rock.

Learn more about children finding their voice through the power of music education. >

Super soft

Only 100% GOTS*
fied organic cotton is used in making the softest, eco-friendliest, and ultra hippest clothing line for your baby.

When you see the GOTS logo, you can be sure that the cotton used in our garments was grown and manufactured without toxic chemicals found in making most conventional cotton.

The result? Incredibly soft, comfy, durable fibers your baby's skin will thank.

P.S.  Our cotton gets even softer after washing!

* GOTS: Global Organic Textile Sta

Super pure

Did you know that your baby's skin is five times thinner than an adult's?

Our garments were manufactured and printed with absolutely no harmful chemicals to irritate your little one's delicate skin.
  • Eco-friendly, low impact dyes  
  • Dyes are AZO and lead free
  • Water based design prints
  • Cotton is grown without pesticides and made without toxic chemicals
  • Nickel free snaps
Allergies or chemical sensitivity? Conventional cotton can retain residual manufacturing chemicals that could get absorbed into the skin. Going organic can make a difference.

Super socially

We care about kids and our planet so we make sure that sustainability and fair trade (BIG NO to child labor!) are enforced all the way.

We take pride in partnering with manufacturers and suppliers whose business ethics are aligned with ours: high quality products crafted with high social responsibility.
  • Organic farming is a healthier livelihood for farmers.
  • Manufactured in an ethical company in India who is a member of the Organic Trade Association
  • Low impact processing from development to packaging
Big change starts puny. That's our core belief at Punypixelâ„¢. Our commitment to social change includes funding organizations that empower children and building strong ties within our own community.  Learn more >